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Join The Creative Revolution at KLIF

May 8, 2023
Contemporary graphic design festivals, storytelling events, and book art festivals are leaving a lasting impression on the capital, captivating a new audience and art enthusiasts who flock to these unique creative gatherings. The eagerly anticipated inaugural edition of KLIF is…


September 21, 2022
GO SEE THE WORLD! It’s more fantastic than any dream. So here we are - TOKYO GAME SHOW 2022 (15 September - 18 September) ! Together with our IP - Biji & Kotak, Hide & Seeds Production Team was invited…

Hello, Hide and Seeds 2.0

May 9, 2022
Founded at end of 2017, Hide and Seeds Production has been kept growing in the animation industry. It's a journey full of obstacles and challengings, without the contribution of the team members, they are not able to move on to…

Kingston Animation Festival Winner

April 26, 2021
The organizers of the KingstOOn Animation Conference and Film Festival have announced the winners of the Jamaican event’s fourth, fully virtual edition, which came to a close earlier today....

Mindfully crafted 3d models

March 21, 2021
Enlightening participants on 3D modelling was invited speaker and Founder of Hide and Seeds Production Chew Kin Lek, who shared extensively his eight-year experience working in the 3D modelling ...